Bienvenue chez nous

Welcome to our home

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We've been in Montreal a year now and three apartment searches later we've finally landed ourselves in a comfy home near some of the most colourful, fun neighbourhoods in Montreal. Our street is smack dab in the Portuguese neighbourhood. Many of our neighbours speak Portuguese so we meet in the middle with our French "bonjours" and "bonsoirs" - the second language for us all. For those who know Montreal we live in the Plateau, within easy access to Mile End and Mont Royal. Downtown is a twenty-five minute foot trip, or seven minute metro ride, away. Going downtown, however, is hardly necessary (except for that bothersome place called work) as we have all the bars, restaurants, shopping and specialty stores one could desire right in our neighbourhood.

Our home is a great mixture of projects and fun. By choice we don't own a TV and try to spend our "free time" working on personal projects. We do admit that many a night are still passed chilling on the futon, eyes glazing while staring at some movie, etc. but, hey, we all have to escape sometimes.

Matt is currently working on his music, a selection of which can be found on and various programming projects (such as this one!). Alison reads obsessively about food and Montreal restaurants. She takes photographs and enjoys writing rotten poetry.

While we hope you enjoy your virtual visit we promise that the real thing is much more exciting. When apartment searching, one feature we looked for was a place where we could comfortably host guests. We have succeeded with our project room doubling as a guest room and a futon that is (almost) as comfortable as our bed. Come visit! Alison will dole out tips on what to see and do in Montreal while Matt will shake you up a house cocktail, the infamous "zaheenackaz".

You'll start in front of our house. To navigate, click in the direction you wish to go/look. From almost every picture you can look north, south, east or west. We have also included a couple special surprises. Did you make it to the front porch? Have you signed the guest book? Did you check out the special event in our backyard? Fabio, did you find your shirt? Who will be the first to discover our liquor cabinet?

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Thanks for visiting. Come back soon.

Love, Alison and Matt