richer greys
A 2010 NaSoAlMo album by Matthew Egbert

1. Two Brighton Girls [3:40]
Playing with her friends lapels. Can't quite look up into her eyes. She's crying, smiling and laughing all at once. "When did you propose?" she asks. "I'm so happy for you" she lies. "What could I have done," she wonders as they pass over the rail bridge in Brighton. She watches everyday the street where they played. Distracted from love by life, she won't make this mistake twice.
2. Nothing is ever captured [3:17]
One success after another, but nothing is ever captured. Time won't stand still, even if I do. A photo of me lying in a bed, holding a camel cigarette. Washed out browns because it's film. Echos of laughter around the room, from jokes long forgotten.
3. New England [2:48]
Out through the window into the city. Heavy summer air, or clear winter starless sky. I go here all the time. Its the end of the night. Everyone's gone home, but you and I in the street with no lights. I go here all the time. Sailing in a sunfish on a lake in New England with a clear mind. Its the end of the night. Everyone's gone home, but you and I in the street with no lights. I go here all the time.
4. Heartbreaker
You know. A sweet little. Around on the scene. I'm gonna. I won't. You got to.
5. Forgotten Fiction [3:02]
Head on shoulder, breathing in synch. Last thing that you said before you fell asleep. I'm not in doubt, there's no confusion. I don't regret your decision. Unpleasantness is forgotten until all that remains is fiction.
6. Your call [5:29]
Think of all of the things that we've done together. Every one of these rooms still reminds me of you. But I can't read your mind, sometimes I can't even read mine. Anyway it's out of my hands. You make your plans, while I wait to hear them. Playing cards in the living room, you were intrigued. I should have known: one free mind and one set in stone. But curiosity kept it alive long enough to die. Anyway its out of my hands. You make your plans while I wait to hear them.
7. Spiral [3:42]
Stop that chain of thought. You know where it goes. No need to relive bad scenes from twenty years ago. They did the best they could and so did you with what you knew. You weren't thirty-two, you know, twenty years ago.
8. Orange [4:54]
Waking I remember questions you never answered and times that you lied. Downhill to the station under the UK's orange street lights. Do you remember seeing them for the first time? Out the window I see my reflection in the clouds. Hanging low like they did on our walk out to the sea.
Liner notes...

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This is my third NaSoAlMo album. The idea, for those of you that don't already know, is to write, perform, record and produce an album all on your own within the month of November.

Hmm..favourites. At the moment, I like Nothing is ever captured and Forgotten Fiction. The latter came together nice and minimally. Which was a bit of a personal goal for this year: Simplify! Nothing is ever captured came together on the 2nd to last day, and I like it! Also, I like Spiral, the most rhythmically interesting tune on the album...far from satisfied with it, but I'd like to do a whole album in this style some day. My least favourite is Your call, which started well, but just seemed to get worse over the month. Also, somehow I didn't get a good drum take for Orange :/. Oh well! I plan to retake some of the vocals at some point as well..some are pretty bad :D.

The mixing is getting better...I tried taking a lighter touch with compression, eq etc. The drums sound much better than on my previous recordings.. That being said.. having just listened to e.g., one of Star Sailor's albums.. Wow! It's amazing the amount of work that goes into a real album. The artistry in proper mixing and mastering is impressive and under-appreciated. Well done, all you people behind the scenes making music sound amazing!

Also, this is the first year that I've done a cover. See if you can find it ;). I've been reticent to do a cover, because its the first song everyone will listen to, and compare everything else too, etc. I think though, that there's a whole lot to be learned by covering songs -- I hope to do it more in the near future. I love the triplets at the beginning of the cover's chorus (That delaying of the emphasis..delicious..) -- it came from arsing about on the guitar at some point in late October and are why I did the cover at all.

I hope you enjoy. The whole process is fascinating. I recommend November as "manic month" to anyone.. Apply a rediculous deadline to your hobby and stick to it. Try it! Abandon your inner critic! It was fun, if hard work.. and don't forget it's all done in a month, so some parts are rubbish!

Cheers, Matthew

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