Multimodal     |     Pre-NaSoAlMo
This is my second NaSoAlMo album. The idea, for anyone who doesn't know is to write, perform and record an album on your own within the month of November. I found the challenge harder this year compared to last, but definitely some moments of satisfaction have come out of it, and I did make the minimum length of 29:09 -- so success! Be warned: some of the songs are pretty bad...out of time, tune etc. But I think there are some good moments mixed in too.

Of course the point isn't the end product, but rather the process...

My favourites at the moment are 'Can Do' and 'Subdividing Dimension Four'. These are the two songs that I started with the intention of keeping as instrumentals. Lyrics were just simply impossible this year. I did write some for some of the other songs but...not my strength!

It's been great playing music again after about a year's break, especially when I visited the drum studios...

I hope you find a few measures that you enjoy.


To listen to individual songs, click on the name below. Once it has started, you can adjust the volume, pause it etc. in the player below the list of songs.

You Are Inbetween Us
Cut it
Floral Atomic
Subdividing Dimension Four
Can Do
No More Excuses

Alternatively, you can stream the entire album by using this player..